About the SLC Management Team

Members of the SLC Management Team

Edward Berryman, Director to the Constituent College and Director of studies

Mr. Edward Berryman deals with overall campus management, including direct responsibility for Continuing Education and oversight of Academic Affairs, Student Services, Administrative Services and Human Resources. In addition, he represents the campus in numerous committees and other initiatives, such as fundraising.

Angela Stevens, Dean of Faculty

Ms. Angela Stevens is responsible for faculty, programs in the Regular Day Sector, and other matters related to the academic affairs of St. Lawrence.

Dean of Students

The Dean of students is responsible for student services and activities at St. Lawrence. He/She oversees career and guidance counselling, psycho-social and health support services, financial aid, adapted services for students with special needs, the Donald Petzel Memorial Library, socio-cultural clubs, the SLC Lions sports program and the recruitment team.

Coordinator, Administrative Services

The Coordinator of Administrative Services is responsible for St. Lawrence finances, infrastructure and information technology. He/She also oversees the rental of campus facilities.

Jean-Philippe Brière, Human Resources Manager

Mr. Jean-Philippe Brière is responsible for human resources at St. Lawrence, including the recruiting process.

Christian Brosseau, Dean of Academic Organization and Registrar

Mr. Christian Brosseau is responsible of academic organization including the admission and registration processes.

Stephanie Dubé, Assistant to the Director of the Constituent College and Studies

Ms. Stephanie Dubé is responsible for communications and the proper functioning and management of the Director's Office.