SLC Reaches Out Leadership Program

SLC Reaches Out Leadership Program

What is the SLC Reaches Out Leadership Program?

Certain students that are considered to have leadership potential (academic results, leadership skills and recommendations) are invited to participate in the Reaches Out Leadership Program which offers them the opportunity to develop a community involvement project.

The key pillars of the program are as follows:

  1. A volunteering project
  2. A project that reaches out to the community
  3. A project that is finished within a year
  4. A project that reflects values
  5. A group project with a project leader.

A leadership training is offered throughout the year and mentors are assigned to students to accompany them in this activity.

For more information please see us in room 272.

Examples of past SLC Reaches Out projects:

Gael Chetail, Respite camp for children with arthritis (imAJInation) May 2016



Andrea Andrade Chapal Nage-o-thon pour la Société canadienne du cancer!  October 24, 2015 at the YWCA pool  


Operation Christmas Child, Elizabeth Deng and Philippe Cain Ste-Croix, December 2015  Gift shoe boxes to children in third world countries for Christmas.





 Sebastian Claros worked with the Institute for Disability Rehabilitation in Physics of Quebec (CRDPQ) February 2016.



 Second-year students from Cegep Champlain - St. Lawrence : Justine Bergeron, Carolyne Gosselin, and Élizabeth Gosselin, with the help of volunteers and for a period of two weeks, collected non-perishable goods in many residential areas of Quebec City that were given out to families in need from St-Roch. December 2015


Marie-Helene Lyonnais developed a project to promote nutrition by starting a community kitchen at an elementary school in an underprivileged neighbourhood.  Her project was not only centered on serving food for the children, but also taught them healthy and economical recipes that they themselves could cook.  February 2016.


Gabrielle Morissette lead a team of volunteers and planted over 400 trees by la rivière Beauport. May 2015.